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Catering Equipment Rentals For The Greater Orlando Area
Magic Occasions Catering offers catering equipment rentals for all types of events. Depending on the quantity of items required and where they need to be delivered, a small delivery fee may be applied to your order.  

All catering equipment is sanitized, pre-wrapped or crated by our staff, and rented on a per-event basis.  All items must be returned in the racks provided, and must be rinsed free of any drink or food particles. 

Returned items do not have to be washed - just rinsed please!
Catering Equipment Rentals For Orlando, Florida


Rental Equipment Listing & Photos (Click the description for a photo and more information)
Please note that most of our catering packages include the use of these items. This page is for those clients choosing to rent items from us and prepare/serve their own food.